What is Vivid?

Revolutionize the Way You Trade

Vivid allows users to track their cryptocurrency portfolios from the same account from mobile and desktop devices. Our publishing and voting platform let's you review trading strategies and earn by publishing your own articles.

Our proprietary algorithm distributes newly minted Vivid Tokens to those who publish and engage with the Vivid trading community.

Augment Your Portfolio

Powerful mobile indicators, cross platform experience, chart and share in Augmented Reality, earn and vote on published content. Vivid makes it possible.

Global Coverage


Unified Accounts


Maximize Trading Profits

Using our advanced technical analysis indicators and trading workspaces gives you a new dimension to your data.

While you experience the best peer-proven community content, learn new ways to make more effective trades. Through voting on and publishing your own content, users earn Vivid tokens through our proprietary distribution algorithm.


Tokensale Backers have Exclusive iOS & Android Beta Access

  • Track Your Portfolio in 2D & AR
    Vivid Beta let’s you input and track your portfolio’s holdings, view and interact both in AR and traditional 2D modes.
  • Expansive AR Workspace
    Gain a wall street trading floor in palm of your hand. View and chart on multiple coins simultaneously surrounding yourself in AR.
  • Share to Social
    Share awesome or painful photos with trading and crypto world filters. Post your gains next to your lifestyle on your favorite social network.
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Overview of our history and upcoming product releases

  • H2 2017

    Vivid is born from
    sister company

  • H1 2018

    Private Sale

  • H1 2018

    Public Sale Launched

  • H1 2018

    Vivid for Mobile Beta


  • H1 2018

    Stellar Token transition
    and distribution

  • H2 2018

    Launch of
    publishing platform

  • H1 2019

    Vivid for Magic Leap

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